ddlmmixerA family-friendly business mixer.

The Latino observance of “Dia de los Muertos” will be the theme of a business outreach mixer sponsored by the Greater Monterey Park Chamber of Commerce on the evening of Thursday, Nov. 3 between 5 to 8 p.m. at the historic Jardin El Encanto building, located at 700 El Mercado Ave., Monterey Park.

The mixer will feature food, entertainment, exhibits and opportunities to meet with members of local businesses, residents and non-profit organizations. A Frida Kahlo “look-a-like” contest will be held with various prizes for the top winners. Live music, artisan exhibits and face-painting will also be featured. Kahlo was the famous Mexican artist whose works featured many Dias de Los Muertos themes.

Dia de Los Muertos originated in central & southern Mexico but is now celebrated worldwide during the first week of November. Although it coincides with Catholic tradition (All Souls & All Saint’s Day), the indigenous people have combined it with their own traditional beliefs honoring their loved ones who have passed on. Elaborate altars (ofrendas) are set up with flowers, toys and drinks to please spirits of dead relatives in the hopes they will bring good luck for the family in the coming year.

Donation for the event is $15 per person for a meal that will include Tamales and refreshments. For advanced reservations call (626) 570-9429.

Businesses and non-profit organizations wishing to have information tables or booths are welcome to the event. Booth space may be obtained by contacting the Chamber or by contacting Dave Barron at 626) 607-6837.

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